Gold Club Membership Services

Pay a one time annual fee and gets 50% savings on every visit

   Key highlights

  •    Enroll for $200 for a limited time       

  •    Visits can be every week

  •    Any hair service on any visit. Gold member pays ONLY 50% of the regular price.

  Regular Price Gold Club Price Savings per Visit

Max Savings


    $28    $16      $12   $286
Essentials     $35     $18      $17    $416
Essential Plus     $38     $20     $18    $442
Bald Fade     $41     $22     $19    $416
Luxury     $41     $22     $19    $468
CoolHeads     $56     $28      $28    $676


  • It takes only 10 cuts to cover the enrollment fee for CoolHeads Service

  • Takes only 13 cuts to cover the enrollment fee for Luxury Service

  • Takes only 15 cuts to cover the enrollment fee for Essentials service


Dear patrons,

Kindly read the below guidelines before purchasing or renewing your GOLD membership.

  • The intitial membership fee is paid at the time of the enrollment and an additional payment of "Gold Price" (approx 50% off) during the visit.
  • We advice you to try our service for few months before purchasing the membership
  • Memberships are valid for one year from the date of the puchase. 
  • Memberships are not transferrable. We may store a digital photo of the member in our system for validation.
  • Memberships are not refundable. However, some cases like relocation out of DFW, we may allow a refund with a penalty. But this will be a complete discretion of the management.
  • You may add any additional service at the time of the visit & can be paid seperately.
  • Availability of stylists may change over the year due to vacation, seperation or relocation.
  • Appointments are preferred during your regular visit to ensure your preferred stylist's availability. We usually add the upcoming weekly schedule in the website few days before the current week's end.