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When we say “Upscale salon with a great price”, we really mean it. Our prices are affordable. At the same time, what we offer is the best bang for the buck, hands down

What makes us different?

Great ambience

Great ambience

Our salon offers the most comfortable barber chairs like Collins similar to any ultra expensive men's salons. Those are completely made in America and typically these chairs cost around $4000 a piece where as national chains like "clips" or "cuts" styling chair cost around $300. Big difference in price and big difference in quality.

We use exotic granite tops, premium wood/cabinet structures, chandeliers, a dozen TVs etc for the comfort and convenience for our customers. We have XBOX video game stations with a Microsoft gold pass in every store.

We also offer complimentary beverages for our customers. Includes water, soda, beer and even liquor, if you need one.

Customer Obsession

Customer Obsession

At CoolHeads, we are customer obsessed. Every stylist/barber is obsessed with creating a positive experience for their customers. hat starts with giving you a warm handshake, introducing the name, leading to the chair, understanding the service, having a scintillating conversation, checking off from system and in between having that outstanding service you deserve. The service that persuade you to come back to CoolHeads in every few weeks for the same stylist.

We also stand by on our customer satisfaction pledge. For some reason, if the customer is not happy with their service, the customer can come back and get a service from another awesome stylist/barber within 3 days of the original service.

Highly Skilled Team

Awesome Team

Our average stylist/barber experience is more than 10 years. We only hire who is extremely talented with men's haircut and also very customer obsessed.

We do make sure our recruits align with our Cool Heads Leadership Principles(CHLP) for ethics, customer care, team work, dependability , not just technically very good.This ensures we hire only who share the same vision and are committed for a long haul with us.

We pay the best in the industry. Of course our customer's generous tips help them too :-) We offer many health benefits. This help us to get the best talents in the industry and also retain the best talents. Many of our stylists are with us for a long time and a few from the inception of CoolHeads. Isn't it ?

Affordable Prices

Affordable Prices

We are very affordable. Very comparable to even national "clips" and "cuts" chains in the men's hair space. Starts with $25 for a classic haircut. All haircuts come with consulting, styling and steamed hot towels.

Club membership savings are humungous. It has a potential savings up to 42%. Memberships are usually valid for a year and frequency of the visit typically 2 weeks , 3 weeks or 4 weeks.

Combo options like having a color and cut, save you a 20% OFF on your color. So it is recommended to do a combo service rather doing it different times.

Servant leadership

Servant leadership

In Coolheads, we are all leaders. Sense of ownership is an important part of our organization. We stick with our responsibilities and commitments to our customers. We follow a non-hierarchical flat structure and keep everything transparent.

We take everyone’s inputs and idea to better ourselves.

We empowers the team members to pursue more responsibilities and encourage internal promotions.

CoolHeads Leadership Principles(CHLP) underscore how we run ourselves and values we uphold.

Easy Online Booking

Easy Online Booking

You can reserve your spot for a service in 30 seconds. We make it easy for anybody to do it. No login or user profile creation is required. You can also manage your bookings in an easy way. Cancel anytime, no, we are not going to ask for your credit card to charge.

Customers can also do walk-ins. The old fashioned way. Most cases, we should be able to get you right away especially during the non peak hours.

If you are more comfortable using your phone, you could also call-in ahead and make an appointment. Especially when you are driving, this is probably best way to secure your spot.

You own our journey, just you

Customer Systems

You, our loyal customers, own our journey, no one else. We are a locally owned & operated non-franchise business. That means, we don’t need to follow anyone’s directions who possibly sitting in California or in New York. We take decisions and make decisions based on what is best for our local customers in Dallas Metroplex.

We have also completely built our IT systems from the ground up, let it be the customer management queue, booking engines, integration with POS or the website. We don’t depend on any third party booking engines or tried to retrofit what they offered. We listened to our customers and build a system which made more sense for our customers and staff.

Not many organizations can claim this. Not even the biggest names out there.